Five cheese pizza at Amelio's
Five cheese pizza at Amelio’s

Since my husband and I moved to Montreal, we’ve been trying to find a good four-cheese pizza.  In Brazil, we were spoiled by a community of more than 25 million Italian descends who made this recipe very popular in my country. Typically, our national version of this Italian classic is made of mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and gorgonzola. Always a blast!

Sadly, every time we’ve ordered a four-cheese pizza in Montreal, we got disappointed. It was never the right selection of cheeses, nor the right crust. But our quest came to an end when we went to Amelio’s. And the good news is that what we found is even better because instead of four, they have a five-cheese pizza!

Amelio’s is tiny family-owned restaurant on the corner of Milton and St-Famille, in the McGill Gueto. The place is simple, with very plain decor, but the contant line-up outside its doors lives up to its reputation.

All meals come along with an ordinary garden salad. We can also order some garlic bread that, by the way, it’s prety tasty.  Menu has also a good variety of pasta which is decently well-made.

garlic bread at Amelio's
Garlic bread with parmesan

But let’s talk about the pizza. Amellios’s menu offers different options, from the traditional pepperoni or all dressed to unusual possibilities such as the chicken BBQ. All pizzas are available in three size: personal (10″), medium (12″) and the large (16″). But the White pizza is definitely their speciality. It consists of mozzarella, brick, parmesan, feta and ricotta. The result is sinfully rich.

The old-fashioned crust has the right thickness, with soft core and a crunchy exterior. And the perfect mix of melted cheese, fluffy in certain areas but dense in others, gives the pizza an incredible unique texture. Simply Scrumptious!

Amelio's  white pizza
Amelio’s white pizza

Service and Price

We’ve been to Amelio’s several time and staff has been always warm and friendly. They do have strange opening hours (they close at 8pm and don’t open on Sundays) but we can get used to it.  Prices are affordable and don’t forget: you can bring your own wine!

201 Milton (map)

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