Julieta Cuisine Latine
Julieta Cuisine Latine

Julieta is another relatively new restaurant in Little Italy area that has created a lot of buzz since its opening. The owners are Venezuelan but the menu they conceived  goes beyond bonderies, including Peruvian, Argentinian, Colombian and even some Brazilian inspirations. They serve dinner and brunch and offer a selection of Latin-American and Spanish wine.

Julieta tin mugs
The colorful tablecloths and kitschy tin mugs at Julieta

This tiny resto has no more than 30 seats. The decor is simple yet fun. The mix of colorful tablecloths, the kitschy tin mugs and some photos on the wall, really does the trick of making you feel like you had crossed the Equator line.

Julieta's caraqueno: a corn bread served with scrumbled eggs, black beans, grouded beef, cheese and creme fraiche
Julieta’s caraqueno: corn bread with scrumbled eggs, beans, grouded beef, cheese and creme fraiche

We went to Julieta for brunch and we were pretty happy with what we got. We started trying their  seleciton of  bocadillos as a starter, which were very good indeed. The menu brings a short list of five main course options including the popular huevos rancheros ($11) and the Andino ($13), a big plate of eggs, blood pudding, papas bravas and corn salsa.

Julieta's Huevos Rancheros
Julieta’s Huevos Rancheros

Unfortunetelly, they were running out of Cachapa ($11), a corn-based pancake that i was craving to try. So,I ordered the Caraqueno ($13) instead (a corn bread served with scrumbled eggs, black beans, grouded beef, cheese and creme fraiche) . My friend chose the huevos racheros. All dishes are prepared with a lot of care and have a nice presentation. My only complaint was that the dishes are a bit small and I left a little bit hungry. It was so good that I wanted more.

A sweet suprise
A sweet suprise

By the end we got a little unexpected gift from the chef. They served us was small bowl of fruit. Nothing outstanding but still a kind surprise.

Julieta's decor
Service and Price
Attentive and efficient waitstaff. Price range for brunch: $18-25 with taxes and tips. Still fair for the high quality of the food you get, even considering the small portions. For dinner, expect to spend a bit more. Something around $30-50.  In all, a good eatery. We will definitely be back soon to try dinner.

67 Beaubien East (map)

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