El Rey del Taco

El Rey del Taco, Le Roi du Taco

Mexico City is one of the best place in the world when it comes to street food. If you have friends there, they can show you where to get amazing and inexpensive snacks basically in every corner of DF. And it’s good not only because of its fresh ingredients, but also for the smiling faces you see while you eat. Maybe that’s why food don’t taste the same anywhere else in the world.

So, if you want to have Mexican food outside Mexico, you better lower your expectations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find authentic Mexican food in Montreal. A good place to start your quest is El Rey del Taco.

El Rey Del Taco's patio

The place
This greasy spoon is located in front of the Jean-Talon market. Not the most beautiful space, I have to say, but it’s nice to sit in the patio and have some tamarind juice while you watch people in the fruit stands across the street.

There are many options in the menu, from salad and soups to sandwiches and sea food. A Mexican friend of mine said he wasn’t’ very pleased with the tamales he had. First time we were there, we ordered their mixed grilled plate and we liked it. But if a place is called King of Tacos, you know what you have to ask for. So, this time, we played safe.

Tacos al Pastor,  pineapple-marinated and fresh tortillas
Tacos al Pastor, pineapple-marinated and fresh tortillas

We had Tacos al Pastor ($8) and the tender Barbacoa de Borrega ($8) – or for  those not familiar with Mexican cuisine, pineapple-marinated pork and baked lamb. Both fresh and tasty.  I was disappointed with the hot sauces though. So I stuck to lime. 

Barbacoa de Borrega, an absurdly tender  baked lamb

Service and price
Staff was in a rush but the service we had was ok. Prices are very wallet-friendly and the food is decent and pretty feeling.  What else do I have to say?

232 Rue Jean Talon Est (map)

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