Aux Vivres: 100% Vegan

Aux Vivres: 100% vegan brunch
Aux Vivres: 100% vegan brunch

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 is trying new things. So, I found that going for a 100% vegan brunch would be a good a way to start. I’ve been to vegan restaurants before, but never really considered giving up my traditional Sunday eggs with bacon for a tofu-with-veggie meal. After trying Aux Vivres’ brunch, I only regret not doing this before.

The place
Aux Vivres is one of those top-of-mind restaurants when it comes to vegetarian food in Montreal.  Located on boulevard Saint-Laurent (just a couple minutes walk from the Mount-Royal metro station), this restaurant is always packed. They even have a to-go counter, as well as an online delivery service in order to the meet demand. The space is big but still a bit cramped and the decor, which is very functional and bright, doesn’t really add much to the experience. That means people come here for food, so it must be good!

The Food
Ok, I’m a bit of a carnivore, so it’s really hard for me to judge restaurants in a vegetarian perspective. But as a food lover, I can tell that everything I ate at Aux Vivres was made with fresh and wholesome ingredients.  On top of that, these guys have my respect because I know it’s not easy to replicate a breakfast menu with no trace of dairy, eggs or meat.

The brunch options are a bit limited. There are only three choices in the menu: Le Complet ($11.95), La Polenta ($11.95) and their famous vegan waffles ($12.50). But all the regular menu items, such as their famous Dragon Bow and the BLT, can be ordered at anytime.

Aux Vivres' La Polenta
Aux Vivres’ La Polenta comes with with refried black beans, guacamole and salad.

I picked the fried polenta with refried black beans, guacamole and salad and really enjoyed it. The polenta was outstanding, very crunchy and well seasoned. And, as I expected, all the salsas and salad dressing were spectacular.

Aux Vivres' cornbread was fantastic!
Aux Vivres’ cornbread was fantastic!

My husband had the Complet that consisted in tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, cornbread, sweet potatoes and salad.  I tried a bit of everything on his plate and I found that, overall, all items were pretty good, especially the tofu and the cornbread. The tempeh bacon was just ok though.

Aux Vivres desserts deserve a special mention
Aux Vivres desserts deserve a special mention.

Aux Vivres’ desserts deserve a special mention. We tried three different ones and they all tasted divine. We started with the Choco-banana pie ($5.25), very smooth and intense. It basically melts in your mouth. Chocolate Apple Cake ($5.75) was equally tasty.  But my favorite one was definitely their famous vegan cheesecake, Le Gateau Faux-mage ($6). It tasted exactly like a real cheesecake, a good one! I am still wondering which ingredients they use to get that texture.

Aux Vivres' famous Gateau Faux-mage. It tasted exactly like a real cheesecake
Aux Vivres’ famous Gateau Faux-mage. It tasted exactly like a real cheesecake.

Service and Price
No complaints about service this time. The menu was easy to read, the food came fast, and the staff was friendly. But I remember having a hard time to order some other times, when the restaurant was busy.

I find the brunch prices at Aux Vivres very reasonable, although some might say that their portions are getting smaller than what they used to be. Overall, I really enjoyed my latest experience and I recommend this restaurant to all people, no matter if they are vegetarian or not.

4631 Boulevard St-Laurent (map)
(514) 842-3479
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