Brunch at Cacao 70

Cacao 70,  Montreal's first chocolate bar
Cacao 70, Montreal’s first chocolate bar

My friends have been talking about Cacao 70 for a while. Some of them are seriously addicted. I’m not surprised, this place serves everything that chocolate lovers could wish for. It’s basically diabetes in disguise – diabolically sweet! When I heard that they were also doing brunch, I decided to give it a try.

Known for the huge creamy hot chocolates and sweet crepes, Cacao 70 is Montreal’s first chocolate bar. I would say it’s a direct competitor of Juliette au Chocolat. Getting cocoa supplies from all over the world, they offer an extensive list of desserts and a selection of over 15 different types of chocolate.

he rCacao 70's  rustic wood decor
Cacao 70’s rustic wood decor made me feel warm and comfortable right away!

Along with Kazu, Cacao 70 is another great addition to the West end of St. Catherine Street. You probably have noticed the restaurant if you walk around that neighborhood. They really made a good job in creating a nice and cozy atmosphere. Once you get in, the rustic wood decor and the book shelves make you feel warm and comfortable right away. I see it as the perfect hangout place for  students at the Concordia area.

Cacao 70 is a  perfect hangout place for the students
Cacao 70: a perfect hangout place for students!

Cacao 70’s menu is fun! You can get chocolate served with pretty much anything there. Even have a chocolate pizza! But they offer some regular non-chocolate food too. Their brunch menu includes the breakfast classics, such as omelets and eggs with bacon, in addition to some of the house famous sweet specialties. A starter with fruit and melted chocolate is served with all dishes, which I think it’s a very nice touch.

Cacao 70's fruit  with melted chocolate.
A starter with fruit and melted chocolate is served with all dishes.

I admit I’m not a huge sweets person in the morning, that’s why I decided to start the brunch with something savory. I ordered a Veggie Fritata ($12,50) made of spinach, basil, tomatoes and feta cheese. My husband had the Lazy Breakfast ($13.50), basically scrambled eggs with style ham, sausage, bacon, potatoes and baked beans.

Veggie frittata at Cacao 70
Veggie fritata at Cacao 70.

The servings were generous and food was good and well-presented. But nothing exceptional compared to other brunch spots we’ve visited lately. Which completely makes sense when talking about a dessert destination. My advice: bet on the sweet side of the menu.

Cacao 70's Lazy Breakfast comes with eggs, ham, sausages and baked beans.
Cacao 70’s Lazy Breakfast comes with scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausages, potatoes and baked beans.

I tried the Illegal Chocolate Waffles ($12.50) and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The waffles were deliciously fluffy and cakey, topped with caramelized bananas and pure melted 36% caramel chocolate, then served with crunchy dark chocolate wafer balls and whipped cream. Not a very sophisticated recipe, I know. But such a killer combination of ingredients would never go wrong.

Illegal Chocolate Waffle at Cacao 70
Illegal Chocolate Waffle at Cacao 70

Service and price
Cacao 70’s wait staff does their job but they could be a bit more friendly. We didn’t see them smiling that morning. Maybe the place was just too crowded.

When it comes to pricing, I find this place really affordable. Indeed, they use high-quality chocolate in their recipes and food tastes fresh. You won’t get better deserts out there at this price range, for sure. I definitely feel like coming back and trying a mug of hot cocoa there this winter.

2087 Ste. Catherine West (map)
(514) 933-1688
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