GaNaDaRaGaNaDaRa is quite new in town but it is already one of my favorites Korean restaurants in Montreal. Their food is well made and most of the items in the menu are $5-7. That’s a killer combination. Not surprisingly, this nice little eatery became my top destination whenever I’m in downtown.

GaNaDaRa's decor: one of the cutest eateries in town.
GaNaDaRa’: one of the cutest eateries in town.

The Place
GaNaDaRa is definitely the cutest restaurant I’ve seen lately. The atmosphere is cozy and unpretentious: KPop music playing, friendly staff and cute decals on the wall! Love it!

GaNaDaRa's menu
GaNaDaRa’s menu

The Food
GaNaDara serves Korean street food. Dishes are not fancy, but they’re overall very good and pretty feeling.  The menu can be kind of hard to understand if you don’t speak Korean, like me. But, with time, I’m starting to learn the names of the dishes I like the most.

GaNaDaRa's Dak Balls
Dak Balls: deep-fried chicken balls with spicy sauce
GaNaDaRa's Mandu: fried pork dumplings
GaNaDaRa’s Mandu: fried pork dumplings. Tasty!

Last time I went there with a friend, we had a blast. As starters, we ordered Dak Balls ($5) and some Mandu ($3), fried pork dumplings. But I couldn’t help myself of asking for my favorite Korean appetizer: the Seafood Pajeon ($5), a fried pancake made from eggs, rice flour, shrimps, shellfish and veggies. So far, a lot of food!

GaNaDaRA's Seafood Panjeon
The Seafood Panjeon is my favorite appetizer!

As if that were not enough, then we shared the traditional Bibimbap ($9) and a Galbi ($9),  that is basically a big plate of marinated beef short ribs with rice. By the end, I was amazed. In total, all that feast costed us less than $35 with taxes!

GaNaDaRa's Bibimbap
Bibimbap: a bowl of warm white rice topped with meat, sautéed and seasoned vegetables and chili pepper paste.
GaNaDaRa's Galbi
GaNaDaRa’s Galbi: marinated beef short ribs.

Services and Price
One thing I like about eating at small family business is that feeling of being among friends. At GaNaDara I felt that way. The staff is really attentive and charismatic. They always serve me with a smile.

As mentioned before, prices are super cheap! That’s the perfect place for students. And if you’re in a hurry, they do take out!

1862 boul. Maisonneuve O. (Map)
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