La Boite Gourmande

La Boite Gourmande

Since we moved to the East Plateau, we have been going to La Boite Gourmande very often. Indeed, it became our favourite restaurant nearby home. It’s always a safe choice when we are hungry or just longing for a nice treat. 

Conveniently located across Laurier Metro, La Boite Gourmande has a friendly atmosphere. It’s a charming cafeteria-style eatery, very spacious, bright and unpretentious. Good for coming with friends and family. For those who prefer to enjoy their meals outdoors, a nice small terrace is available, depending on the weather.

Monday to Friday, if you are around and looking for a healthy lunch, la Boite Gourmande offers good sandwiches, soups and fresh salads. On weekends, for $16.95 you can try one of their three choices of brunch. If you’re not that hungry you can ask for half portion and pay $10.

Croque Matin at La Boite Gourmande
Croque Matin

Portions are generous and always come with juice, a smoothie, a small piece of cake or pudding and coffee. Brunch menu varies every weekend. They also have permanent breakfast menu with eggs or omelettes, potatoes and toast for no more than $8. Last time we went there, we ordered a croque matin and the mushroom omelette. And as usual, we were not disappointed.

Brunch menu at La Boite Gourmande
Brunch menu


One thing you should try when you go to La Boite Gourmande are the cakes. All baked goods I had there were delicious. They taste homemade and there is always a huge selection. 

Smoothie, yogurt and cake at La Boite Gourmande
Brunch options are filling and come with smoothie, yogurt and a piece of cake

Service and Price
Service can be little bit slow sometimes, but since you serve yourself it’s not a real issue. The cooks were always chatty and helpful, giving suggestions.

For the quality and quantity you get, prices are more than fair. The food is tasty and well-presented and they use local and fresh ingredients. Definitely a pay-off. By the way, taxes are included.

445 Avenue Laurier Est (map)
514- 270-5222

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