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La Paryse is considered one of the best burger joints in Montreal. Every time there is a public survey about burgers, La Paryse is certainly listed in the top 5.  The burger is indeed very good. Reason why there is always a line at door. Usually, 15 minutes waiting for a table. But it’s worth it!

La Paryse is quite tiny but cozy with its retro decor. At each table, there are crayons for doodling while you wait for your food. It’s located near the Berri-UQAM metro station at Ontario Street. Very accessible.

The secret of La Paryse burgers relies on a good combination of the ingredients chosen: poppy seed kaiser bun, mozzarella, pickles, mushrooms, fresh lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard and a juicy hand formed patty. My favourite one is Le Special with bacon, mushrooms and cream cheese. Yes, cream cheese. So good!

La Paryse burger
La Paryse burger: Le Special

Just keep in mind that this is not an old-school burger.  Most of the taste will come from the toppings. Not that the patty isn’t good, it’s just that the meat doesn’t shines alone.

One tip: remember asking for extra napkins. Burgers are quite built tall. Eating one of them can be quite a challenge.  Just don’t be afraid of getting dirty and go for it. Fries at La Paryse are also as good as the burgers.  They’re chunky, hand cut and never greasy. You can also order salads, club sandwiches or poutine there.

Order the vanilla milk-shake! Basically two large shakes because they give you the shaker in addition to your glass. Delicious!

Service was ok. The place is always busy, so don’t expect the waiter to chat with you. But I got my order quite fast and everything was right. And that’s what really matters.

La Paryse has very affordable prices. Burgers cost from $5.95 (simple) to $9.40 (double). They don’t come with fries but considering the size of them I don’t  think it’s a problem though. After taxes and tips, I spent $15 and was happy and well fed!

302, Ontario EstEst (map)

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