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Le Boucan SmokehouseLast Saturday, we decided to give brunch a break and try something different. We had lunch at Le Boucan, a southern-style BBQ restaurant in Montreal’s Griffintown.

The idea came up after a couple of friends who are going to visit Montreal asked for our opinion about the place. They saw it in one of those Food Network shows. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to say because I had never really been there. That’s when I decided to head to Le Boucan, so I could give my friends my verdict.

Le Boucan:  retro and laid-back atmosphere
Le Boucan: retro and laid-back atmosphere

Le Boucan is fun. Like some other good eateries of Notre Dame street food scene, this BBQ joint has character. The hand-lettered menu written along the wall, the red-leather-bench booths and the old wood bar give it a retro and laid-back feeling. And its nice patio is exactly the kind of place you want to be in a sunny summer day.

Le Boucan menu:  burgers, pulled pork, chicken, and pork ribs.
Le Boucan menu: burgers, pulled pork, chicken and pork ribs.

In the menu you find burgers, pulled pork, chicken and of course, smoked pork ribs.  But I highly recommend starting with one of their appetizers. The cajun shrimps and the macaroni and cheese have a good reputation.

Le Boucan Mac n'Cheese

Mac n’ cheese. Yummy…

I had the mac n’ cheese and I didn’t had any regrets. It was delicious. Perfectly cooked pasta with a very creamy cheese sauce and breadcrumbs on top, which added some crunchiness to it. Yummy!

Ok. After the mac n’ cheese I have to admit that I was already full. That was quite big as a starter. But I couldn’t leave without trying the ribs. I ordered the half rack ($18) and I was impressed with the amount of food I got. So here is my advice: don’t go for the full rack ($26) unless you have a big appetite.

Le boucan ribs:  literarily finger-licking good!
Le boucan ribs. Literarily finger-licking good!

The ribs were heavenly tender and meaty. And their home-made BBQ sauce had just the right balance of sweet and spicy. Literarily finger-licking good! As side dishes, choices are fries, coleslaw, potato salad, corn with cheese and green salad.

Le Boucan supports local breweries
Le Boucan supports local breweries.

I was happy to see that Le Boucan supports local breweries. I had a Bierbrier Ale for the first time and I really liked it. The beer and the ribs complemented each other very well.

Le boucan terrace
Le boucan terrace

Service and price
Service was friendly and efficient. We had no problems in getting a last-minute reservation and we were welcomed with a smile. Prices are bit more expensive than the average BBQ joints in Montreal. But food was tasty and well executed. In short, I can tell my friends that Le Boucan is really worth a visit.

1886 Notre-Dame Ouest (map)
514- 439-4555

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