Le Gros Jambon

Le Gros JabonLe Gros Jambon is one of those restaurants that I wanted to visit since I started blogging. This joint located at the Old Port has been open for a while but I still haven’t had the chance to check it out as I don’t  go very often to Old Montreal.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I invited some friends for having brunch there.

Old posters at Le Gros Jabon
Old posters at Le Gros Jambon

At first glance, Le Gros Jambon‘s unique décor really impressed me.  A careful selection of vintage items recreates the feeling of a small town USA diner and a cluster of old funny posters on the wall gives it a playful touch.

Getting a sit there might not be easy though. The place is indeed very small with basically no tables, only some counter top stools. Not ideal for big groups.

Coffe is included
Brunch at Le Gross Jambon: Coffee is included

Le Gros Jambon‘s brunch menu is creative and has a good amount of options. One can try from savory dishes, such as sandwiches and fried chicken, to sweet classics like crepes and French toast. As usual, I ordered the Egg Benedict  ($14) which is my landmark whenever I have to give my opinion about a new brunch spot.  And I have to say that Le Gros Jambon managed to make it  in a very singular way. Instead of English muffins, they use a delicious homemade cheddar biscuit that nicely pairs with the eggs.  Like all dishes, it is served with meat hash brown and beans. Coffee was also included.

Le Gros Jabon  use sbiscuits in their eggs bennedicts
Le Gros Jambon uses cheddar biscuits in their Eggs Benedict

My friends had the Huevos Rancheros ($12) made with rye bread, salsa verde, pico de gallo and homemade chorizo. Both dishes were very tasty and well presented. Portions don’t look big but trust me, they can be pretty satisfying.  My only regret was not having enough appetite for try the Banana Bread French that seemed to be fantastic. I still can see it in my dreams…

Le Gros JambonHuevos  Rancheros with homemade chorizo
Huevos Rancheros with homemade chorizo

Service and Price
The service was  impeccable. All the staff was extremely nice with us. We were lucky enough to sit at the counter facing the kitchen and have the chef explaining us his recipes and chatting about his favourite drink spots in Montreal.

Learning with the chef at Le Gros Jambon
Learning with the chef at Le Gros Jambon

Brunch at Le Gros Jambon is definetly less expensive than most of other brunch options you find in Old Montreal. The average price will be around $12 with a few items in the $14 range. But you can go fancy and have a lobster roll ($18)  if you like.

286 Notre Dame Ouest (map)
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