Le Vieux Vélo

There is a lot of buzz among food bloggers about this new eatery in Beaubien street. After reading some positive reviews about it, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It was a lovely sunny Sunday and Little Italy was quite busy with the Grand Prix F1 Street Fair taking place just a few blocks away. So we decided to get there early and avoid lines.

Brunch at Le Vieux Vélo
Brunch at Le Vieux Vélo

Le Vieux Vélo is simple but very cosy. The elementary school chairs and the bright walls made me feel a bit nostalgic. Getting a table for two was quite easy. But there aren’t a lot of large table, so avoid going there with a big group. 

Le Vieux Vélo, simple but cosy
Le Vieux Vélo, simple but cosy

The menu is not extensive but it has a good eggy breakfast’s variety and some lunch options, such as sandwiches, salads and soup. Although I have to admit that, as egg Benedict addicts, we didn’t pay too much attention to the rest of items.

Egg Benedict Classique at  Le Vieux Vélo
Egg Benedict Classique

We have a deal that one of us should stick to the classic dish and the other one could go for some other creative recipes. And so it was.

Benedictine B.A.B :   brie, avocado and bacon
Benedictine B.A.B : brie, avocado and bacon

My friend had le classique ($8.50).with ham and I went for the B.A.B. ($9.50), an inviting combination of bacon, brie, avocado and a lemon-spiked hollandaise sauce. Both incredibly tasty. Dishes came with the perfect potatoes and tomatoes slices, which some people might not like, but for me were a good combination.

All the food was delicious. Le Vieux Vélo’s coffee is excellent. I always ask for decaf and usually I get really frustrated with the lack of choices. But that time I was surprised with a memorable decaf cappuccino had.

Le Vieux Vélo’s coffee was  excellent
Le Vieux Vélo’s coffee was excellent

Service and Price
Service was ok. Staff was quite busy because he place was packed, so I understand they didn’t have time to chat and explain the menu in details. It didn’t take too long for us to get our food, which it really matters when you’re hungry.

Le Vieux Vélo is considerably inexpensive compared to most brunch places that offer similar quality food. Definitively one of my top 5 favourite brunch places in Montreal.

59 Beaubien est (map)
514- 439-5595

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