Montreal Burger Week

Montreal Burger Week was a huge success. More than 30 restaurants in town – from fancy eateries to old-fashioned diners, took part in this competition, developping creative recipes exclusively for the event. And people really got into it. The combination: burgers, special prices & social media definetly worked well. I’ve never seen burger joints so packed. Everywhere I went, I saw crowds of people looking for more than just a simple patty between a bun. I personally had a lot of fun.Montrealers had 7 days for voting on the internet. A group of  food critics and sports celebrities were also invited to give their verdict. The judges’ winner is yet to be announced but the list of the People’s best 5 burger makers is already available on the Burger Week Montreal website. Luckly, I had chance to try the top 3 most popular ones. Here is my opinion about each of them:

Burger Bar Crescent

Burger Bar Crescent's Hangover Burger
Burger Bar Crescent’s Hangover Burger, or at least part of it.

What else montrealers could crave more than a juicy burger? A  damn good poutine, of course! It doesn’t surprise me that Burger Bar Crescent’s Hangover Burger ($15) was crowned the people’s best burger. Besides a a 6 oz AAA beef patty, caramelized onions, Bacon, American Cheese and a Fried egg, this “Frankenstein” burger was topped with a mini poutine. Technically, I can’t really say I tried this burger because I just couldn’t eat whole thing myself. It was too big to fit my mouth. So I had the burger separately  and then a friend helped with the poutine. Shame on me…  Both parts were delicious, though.


M:brgr's Kobe BWK
M:brgr’s Kobe BWK
M:Brgr came up with not only one, but three exclusive burgers for the Burger Week Montreal: the Kobe BWK, the Gheto Brgr and the Poutine Brgr (another supersized one). My choice was the gourmet Kobe BWK. For $10, I had my fresh bun with Kobe beef, pecorino cheese, arugula, cherry tomatoes, grilled all-beef salami with chili ketchup. The balance of flavours and presention were just perfect. Meat was well seasoned, although the Kobe beef itself didn’t add much to the recipe.
Art brgr's Volcano Burger
Art brgr’s Volcano Burger
I arrived at Art:Brgr really eager to try the Volcano burger ($15).  But a 50 minutes  wait for my order kind of turned me off. The place was full and they had a hard time managing the crowds. The volcano was topped with portobello in white wine and garlic butter, fresh avocado on a bed of thin sliced homemade chips and spicy jalapenos covered with Swiss cheese, homemade aioli tomato sauce and an egg. Honestly, I found it a little bit too much. The ingredients were ok together but sometimes, less could be more.

1465 Crescent Street (map)
(514) 903-5575
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2025 Rue Drummond (map)
(514) 906-0408
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408 Gilford (map)
(438) 764-3539
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