Montreal Poutine Week

poutine weekIt’s time for fries, cheese and gravy! Montreal’s first a Poutine Week started yesterday and will be running through February 7. Brought by the same people behind of the Montreal Burger Week, the event is a tempting opportunity for discovering new poutine places and tasting unusual versions of Quebec’s most beloved dish.

Over 30 restaurants are taking part of this competition that will choose Montreal’s “best poutine”.  Some of them decided to stick to the standard formula, featuring just fries, gravy or curds for poutine purists. Others tried to put their own spin on the traditional recipe and bring it to another level by using high-end ingredients, such as pulled lamb, duck confit and foie gras sauce.

Blackstrap BBQ’s Burnt Ends poutine
Blackstrap BBQ’s Burnt Ends poutine

Despite the fancy gourmet options available, Blackstrap BBQ’s Burnt Ends poutine is the clear a favourite to win this competition.  If you already tried that scrumptious combination of super crispy fries, BBQ beef burnt ends, sauce and brisket drippings, you know this one is hard-to-beat opponent.

All the featured poutines at participating restaurants are listed at $10 a piece, with sampler plates available at $5. The complete list of restaurants can be found at

So, have you tried any of the Montreal Poutine Week’s options?  Tell me what your favorite one is!

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