Montreal’s top chefs’ secrets on your iPad

Deep Dish app features  recipes of Montreal's Top Chefs
Deep Dish app features recipes of Montreal’s Top Chefs

I’ve always been a big fan of cookbooks. I can’t resist a nice collection of recipes full of colorful photos and beautiful illustrations. But I have to admit that I hardly check my bookshelf when I’m looking for inspiration to prepare my food. Instead, I bring my iPad to kitchen. That’s why I was so excited when I first head that Dynamo, a Montreal-based digital design agency, was working with five of the city’s top chefs to create a recipe app.

Deep Dish app
Deep Dish app: bring the good old cooking book to the digital era.

The Deep Dish Montreal app includes more than 50 recipes created by the chefs Emma Cardarelli (Nora Gray), Derek Dammann (Maison Publique), Dave McMillan and Fred Morin (Joe Beef), Dyan Solomon (Olive & Gourmando) and the Iron Chef winner Chuck Hughes (Garde Manger). Each recipe contains pictures, a set of instructions and an ingredient list, including both the food and equipment you’ll need. The app also creates a shopping list that can be sent by email or shared on social media. So you won’t forget anything when you go grocery.

The Deep Dish MTL app’s interface is slick and intuitive. Clear instructions and great step-by-step photos make all the recipes really easy to follow. It totally gives me the feeling that I could actually cook like a professional chef.

Deep Dish's interface is slick and intuitive.
Deep Dish’s interface is slick and intuitive.

The free download comes with 5 recipes – enough to get a feel for whether the app will be useful to you. Additional recipe packs cost $2.99 each. If you bought them all, you’d have well over 50 recipes and you would have spent $14.95 – not a bad deal, overall.

Joe Beef Vault's homemade jabom blanc with mustard cream.
Joe Beef Vault’s homemade Jabom Blanc with Mustard Cream.
Derek Dammann's schiacciata
Derek Dammann’s schiacciata

Yesterday, I had the chance to attend the app launch party and taste a selection of the DeepDish MTL recipes prepared by each one of the featured chefs. Trying all those delicious samples definitely motivated me to put my cooking skills to the test. So, it’s time to go the kitchen!

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