My Top 3 Ice Cream Shops

I’m in complete denial that autumn is on the way. I just can’t accept the fact that soon leaves will turn red and then it will be winter again. But before the shiny and warm days are over, there is still time for ice cream.

So, here are the top 3 best ice cream places I visited this summer:

This scoop shop on St-Laurent has been around for almost 20 years. And trust me, these guys really master the art of making ice cream. Once you enter this small location, you’ll have a hard time choosing only one of the 30 flavors available. You can stick with the classics and order Vanilla and Strawberry; or you can go for something exotic and have the Halavah or the famous Kulfi.

Ripples ice cream shop on St. Laurent
Ripples ice cream shop on St-Laurent

As a huge fan of unconventional sorbets, I particularly like the Guava & Grapefruit and the Mojito. However, there is nothing better than the 6X Chocolate ice cream. It’s rich, intense and extremely creamy, yet not too sweet. Everything you’ve ever wanted!

Ripples' 6X Chocolate ice cream: Everything you’ve ever wanted.
Ripples’ 6X Chocolate ice cream: everything you’ve ever wanted.

Kem CoBa
Kem CoBa opened last year on Fairmount Av. and although I had noticed the colorful storefront before, I only had the chance to stop by a few weeks ago. Indeed, the place lives up to its reputation. All ice creams and sorbets are fresh, prepared with top quality ingredients.  Among the popular flavors, there are Peanut & Honey, Cheesecake and Masala chai. The top favorite is the superb Salted Butter. They also have two choices of homemade soft-serve ice creams that vary from time to time. The mix of Chocolate & Raspberry I had was just perfect!

Kem KoBa's homemade soft-serve ice creams
Kem KoBa’s homemade soft-serve ice creams

Fous Desserts
This charming bakery and chocolatier on Laurier, known for having Montreal’s best croissants, started selling artisanal gelatos and sorbets too. Living just a few steps away, I couldn’t be happier. They have a good variety of gourmet flavours, including Orange Zest Confit, Pâte d’amande and Strawberry & Basil. The best thing is that you can create your own ice cream sandwich made with some of the in-house pastries. The possibilities are endless. Last time, I tried Passion Fruit sorbet and Coconut Chocolate Macarons. It was memorable!

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Fous Desserts
Ice Cream Sandwiches at Fous Desserts

Hopefully we’ll have a sunny weekend ahead. If so, enjoy the rest of the summer indulging yourself with some nice iced treats!

3880 St Laurent (map)
(514) 842-1697
Ripples on Urbanspoon

Kem CoBa
60, av. Fairmount Ouest (map)
(514) 419-1699
Kem CoBa on Urbanspoon

Fous Desserts
809, avenue Laurier Est (map)
(514) 273-9335
Fous desserts on Urbanspoon

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