Patati Patata & Chez Claudette

Today is the last day of the Montreal Poutine week. So far, the Philly Bomb Poutine from Paulo et Suzanne Restaurant is ahead of its competitors, but the contest is not over yet. Montrealers have until tonight to vote on one of the 30 exclusive recipes created for the event.

Inspired by the Poutine Week, I’ve found myself an excuse to revisit two of my favorite poutine joints that are not taking part of the competition. Hope you enjoy the reviews just as much I’ve enjoyed eating those big plates of fries, cheese curds and brown sauce.

Patati Patata

Patati Patata has become a Montreal institution.
Patati Patata: a Montreal’s institution

This tiny friterie at St. Laurent Boulevard has become a Montreal Institution. It’s fast food at its best! I love its colorful and inviting ambience. The small staff (usually just 2 people at a time) is super friendly and incredibly efficient. I’m always impressed by how quick those guys are. How come they still have time to chat with clients?

Patati Patata: colorful and inviting ambience
Patati Patata: I love its colorful and inviting ambience!

Patati Patata is my top destination when I feel like having a poutine without feeling so guilty about it. The portions are not so big there and the Patatine ($4.50), their signature poutine, is topped with veggies. My mom would be so proud of me!

The patatine include onions, peppers and olives for this recipe
Patati Patata’s patatine includes onions, peppers and olives.

In addition to the crispy homemade fries, thick cheese curd pieces and velvety gravy, the patatine includes onions, peppers and olives. The result is absolutely fabulous! The flavors blend so well together. I also heard that their mysterious gravy is made with chicken stock and wine, which definitely makes their poutine unique and delicious. Plus, did I mention it’s cheap?

Chez Claudette
Everyone knows that the best poutine is the one that you eat at 3 a.m. after partying hard with your friends. I mean, what could be better than a sticky, hot burst of poutine in your mouth on a cold winter night? So, whenever the drunk in me is craving for a delicious bowl of fat and cholesterol, Chez Claudette is the place to go.

Chez Claudette: typical québecois greasy spoon
Chez Claudette: typical québecois greasy spoon.

Some might say that they had better days in the past and that their poutine is not as good as it used to be. But there’s nothing wrong with Chez Claudette. This is the typical québecois greasy spoon: the décor is horrible and the menu includes the customary junk food options, such as hot dogs, hamburgers and fries. But their poutine is still pretty good. So again, there is no reason to be ashamed. Just don’t come there when you’re on a date.

Chez Claudette Bocco Poutine
Bocco is my favorite poutine at Chez Claudette: just onions and bacon!

For me, Chez Claudette’s poutine has just the right cheese curd to potato ratio. The fries they use are perfectly crisped and the gravy is a real, homemade, peppered-to-perfection sauce. If you’re not a purist, there is a big list of option that includes, from classic Italian Poutine to unusual combinations like the Tandoori, made with chicken and tandoori spices. My favorite one is the Bocco ($9) that comes with onions and bacon. Pure goodness!

4177 Boulevard St-Laurent (Map)
(514) 844-0216
Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe on Urbanspoon


351 Ave Laurier E (Map)
(514) 279-5173
Restaurant Chez Claudette Boudreau on Urbanspoon

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